San Vincenzo has been inhabited since ancient times. The first traces of human presence go back to the upper Paleolithic era and continue until the present time. This was most probably due to the fact that it was situated at the foot of the Metallifere Hills which make this territory a natural communication channel between the River Cecina plain and that of the river Cornia. Between IX a.d. and V a.d. San Vincenzo became an industrial and commercial area because of the mining which was extremely important for the whole area. 

Along with the Roman occupation the Via Aurelia was built at San Vincenzo, then a village and also a dock. After the Barbaric Invasion the Longboards built the Castello di Biserno on the hill (in the present day San Carlo grottos) which, with the arrival of the Germanic emperors, was then taken over by the Counts of Gherardesca.

In 1304, the Pisa republic destroyed the Castel and built the coast tower (Torre), giving rise to the formation of the first inhabited nuclei made up of huts belonging to fishermen and to farmers. There was also  a customs house and a jetty for loading. When Pisa fell in 1406, the community fell under the political control of the Florentines and became part of the Capiglia territory. On the 17th August 1505, the Torre of San Vincenzo became the scene of a legendary battle, depicted in a painting by Vasari, in which the Florentine army defeated Bartolomeo D’alviano, the commander of the soldiers of fortune who had come to aid the Pisani rebels. After this, the population of San Vincezo followed the raids of the Granducato of Tuscany right up until the unification of Italy. More recently, after the II World War, San Vincezo became an autonomous community, splitting away from the Campiglia Marittima community.

San Vincenzo is now a modern and efficient city, with a good capacity for accommodation, for sports facilities centers on the Etruscan Coast, able to offer hospitality in hotels and otherwise in the Val di Cornia. There are even exclusive beaches for nudists and for our four-legged  friends. The port is situated in the centre of the tourist area and has been expanded recently. This constitutes an excellent mooring for nautical tourism within the Tuscan archipelago.

San Vincenzo offers the possibility to practice many sports. In fact, our city boasts sports facilities of many types and particularly good cycling track.. Among the more fashionable sports we find beach tennis, diving, sailing and surf in all its various forms. 




The Etruscan Coast is a home to all types of cyclists; from small children in pushchairs right up to those who cycle as tourists discovering different places and identities. There are cyclists who choose a more elegant bicycle ride and also motorcyclists looking for adventure on the windy roads. This land is perfect for cycling, where the roads are not measured by kilometers but by emotions. All around San Vincenzo there are itineraries which twist and turn through places where the roots of man are protected along with nature.

Then there are the roads which smells of the taste of sea and land. Tie to the territory thanks noble wines and extra virgin oil. Fine fish and blue fish, shell fish, sea food; they are all ingredients which make up the tasty dishes typical of the San Vincenzo area and for which it is famous. Our restaurants are a must for gourmets worldwide, offering a fresh and tasty cuisine; mostly fish based but with frequent sorties in the tradition of the land, seasoned with smooth extra virgin olive oil and accompanied by our excellent wines.

Tuscan cousine
The Etruscan Coast

The Etruscan Coast is a land of contrasts: the impenetrable wilderness  of the Mediterranean scrub and the more open spaces which have been carved out by man; the wisdom of the ancient olive groves and the geometric harmony of the vineyards. The development of this type of quality tourism which has emerged within the last ten years has combined the traditional seaside holiday with the so-called green holiday which favor a symbiosis with nature and the landscapes which are unique to our territory.

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Beach with Elba island view
The sea

The sea is transparent; crystal clear and contrasts with the pine groves and Mediterranean scrub which line the coast. The sand is fine and golden on our beaches and the shoreline stretches for kilometers. There are parts occupied by bathing facilities and other parts which are unspoilt and wild. Most of the bathing facilities are around the urban center, whilst the unoccupied beaches coincide with the Rimigliano park of the south side of the country, also with the Conchiglia beach on the northern side of the port. Apart from the sea, San Vincenzo offers the possibility of itineries  in the Park countryside and also around the San Carlo hills area.

The beach in front of the harbour
The Rimigliano natural park

Walking is synonymous with getting in touch with the land. Trails and tracks tell of moments or even of centuries of man’s movements. In our modern days where “there’s no time”, a simple walk or even a more demanding trek are the simplest ways to retrieve a dimension which still exists but which, in our daily lives, constantly eludes us. The answer lies firmly under our feet and surrounds us.