And between sea and nature, the magic path leads to discovering the architectural, cultural and artistic treasures of this land. The Etruscan civilization left important testimonies, including the Populonia necropolis, the only one built in front of the sea. Precious collections are collected in the Etruscan museum in Piombino. In the Archaeological Mining Park of San Silvestro, in Campiglia Marittima, a true open-air museum, thanks to routes organized by train on rails, you can reconstruct the various stages of metal processing from the Etruscans to the Middle Ages.

A land full of art and history, where musicians like Mascagni and painters like Modigliani were born and where the Macchiaioli school was established with the most famous Fattori, born in the capital of Livorno. Permanent collections and internationally renowned pictorial exhibits enhance this important heritage.

Near the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea surrounded by  the intense greenery of the Etruscan hills, you can also breathe the Mediterranean breeze. Whether it is south-east libeccio or  gregale north-east wind , at dawn or sunset, in the explosive light of the summer, or during the delicate and shining autumn, the essence of these places encourage people to have a little walk around.

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Tuscany land with the lights, colors, and scents of the Mediterranean, where the sea is always the protagonist. A region rewarded with the Blue Flags of the European Union and with other important awards for water cleaning and the quality of services and the environment. Green everywhere, in the pine forests that surround the beaches, in the hills and in the parks that are located at a short distance from the coast and, facing on the sea, the city of Livorno and the prestigious tourist resorts alongside authentic medieval villages. And then history, art, archeology, protected oasis, delicious gastronomy, excellent wines and the welcome of hospitable people who help to make the Etruscan Coast simply unique.

Here, where every season of the year is characterized by its extraordinary beauty, you can choose between the sea, bordered by long beaches with shady Mediterranean vegetation plants and cliffs carved by wind and waves, and nature for an incredibly environment rich of botanical oases, wild animals, and pine woods. The countryside is crossed by a prestigious "Wine Road", dotted with noble vineyards and silvery olive trees.

Walking along the  Etruscan Coast (like the wonderful  archaeological trekking tour of the promontory of Piombino / Populonia) means to share trails that for centuries have accompanied woodcutters, charcoal, millers, poachers, poets, shepherds and fishermen. In the silence of nature you might feel their voices, imagine their daily rituals, rethink their lives.

In addition to hiking boots and maps, it is advisable to enjoy the journey with a free mind to better feel what those places could offer.